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Football freestyler Motaz Qawasmi from Jordan, born on August 11, 1988 is one of the most talented Jordanian freestylers in the youth. He holds a bachelor degree in Finance. However, his studies did not prevent him from carrying on with his hobby and pursuing his dreams. Motaz started off strong performing on Arabs got talent making all the way to the the semi finals. After his performance on Arabs got talent, his name was all over the newspapers and television. He started showing up on talk shows and commercials which lead him to becoming more known for his outstanding talent. Motaz’s biggest achievements were between 2011 to 2015, when he won 1st place at the RedBull championship in Jordan and also performed for Head and Shoulders achieving a championship for that as well. Motaz has participated in local and international championships and more people began to know him through performing for charity events, commercials and shows featuring RedBull, Pepsi, LG, Samsung, KIA, Nestle, Castrol, Roya TV, Zain Jordan, Al-Jazeera sport, and so many more, over a thousand shows performed all over the Middle East, from Palestine to Qatar to Egypt to Lebanon to Dubai and many other countries. He also got the chance to perform in front of King Abdullah and Queen Ronya of Jordan. Motaz was part of the famous film, “The United with famous Egyptian actor, Farouk Al-Fishawi and also featured in the song “Make your dream come true” with the famous Jordanian singer, Hani Metwasi which was dedicated to the World Cup In 2014. The journey continues for Motaz as he has carried on with his dream and also in inspiring many others to follow their dreams as well.


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